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Landscape / townscape Assessment and Planning

Working in both rural and urban contexts arc assist clients in promoting development sites and in the preparation of planning applications. We have expertise in a variety of sensitive and challenging sites such as those in or near to Green Belt, AONB and SPAs or with heritage designations such as Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings and Registered Parks and Gardens. We also provide expert witness services having successfully won appeals relating to LVIA, AONB, Green Belt and open space provision.

We undertake initial site appraisals, reviewing constraints and opportunities to inform clients when assessing development potential or to submit with planning applications. We base our work on current best practice guidance as set out in GLVIA3 and always gain a thorough understanding of the local landscape / townscape context, relying on both site visits and desk based research of relevant landscape planning policy.

We believe in providing clients with a thoroughly professional service that is robust, objective and proportional to the nature of the proposed development. For some schemes a brief illustrated summary may be appropriate, however full LVIA/TVIAs can be prepared for planning submissions and where required we are able to input in to Environmental Impact Assessments ensuring full coordination with all relevant consultants. 

We also work with local authorities, parish councils and community groups in the preparation of landscape character assessments, contributing to neighbourhood plans and providing advice on landscape related issues in respect of planning applications. 

Please also visit our SERVICES page for a summary of the work we can undertake at each stage of a project.

Landscape Design

With experience in designing both hard and soft landscape schemes for a range of clients across many development sectors we take a project specific approach that is grounded in a detailed understanding of context whilst striving to exceed client and end user expectations. 

At arc we believe that a well designed place, whether in an urban or rural setting, not only benefits the end user but also enhances the value of a scheme to a client; therefore we place a strong emphasis on promoting creativity and imagination in the design of all aspects of all projects regardless of scale or budget. This approach starts with the initial concept or masterplan, though to the selection of materials and plants, designing of bespoke elements and in ensuring that the scheme can be built and managed for the long term in the most sustainable and cost effective way.

Throughout the design process we believe in a collaborative approach with the client and their design team.  With experience in business parks, education and healthcare campus design, student accommodation, residential, retail and commercial developments we have expertise in designing parks, squares, streetscapes, play areas, roof gardens andsports facilities regularly incorporating Green Infrastructure, SUDs, wayfinding and public art strategies.

We produce concept and strategic design options through to fully resolved construction details. Our belief in the value of communication ensures that our designs are presented in the most appropriate way, whether through hand drawn visualisations, CGI’s, presentations for community consultation or CAD details for tender and construction purposes.

Please also visit our SERVICES page for a summary of the work we can undertake at each stage of a project.